Heartburn and Baby Hair

“I’ve got a lot of heartburn – I guess that means my baby will have lots of hair.” This is one of the more common sayings in a doctors office. I used to think there was no truth to this one until an article came out in 2006 from doctors at Johns Hopkins University(1) which looked at mothers with reported heartburn and there subsequent offspring. In this study 64 women were enrolled (admittedly a small number) and they ranked their degree of heartburn. This was subsequently linked to an evaluation of the infants hair by independent coders using photos of the infants heads shortly after birth. Interestingly, their symptoms of heartburn severity was not related to fetal gender but it was related to hair growth.
When plotted out the relationship is nearly linear. 23 of 28 women who reported moderate or severe heartburn has infants with average or above average hair but 10 of 12 women who reported little or no heartburn had infants with less than average or no hair.

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